FAQ’s: From the Past, Going Forward

Thank you for all your incredible feedback! Here’s my attempt to answer many of your questions and update you all on what’s to come.
How did this all begin? The cooking, the blogging, the food journalism?
I have been blogging in some form or another since 2008, when I first got the journalism bug working at a cable news network. I wanted to cover what I called then “The Breaking NEED“- basically tracking trends and what you might call light news. But when I wrote and co-produced my on air demo for TBN, I realized that what I was covering was more focused on trends in lifestyle and food then trends on a whole, and so tracking trends in taste became my mission. It also became my passion: I was engaged and when not wedding planning I was cooking. A dinner party a week and spending all day, day by day, by day… in the kitchen. The Breaking Need became The Breaking FEED and I moved to London to pursue my career in food. While there I created Ex-Patisserie, a blog that chronicled my life in culinary school, and my quest to consume as many michelin stars as I could stomach. Now that I am back in NYC, I’ve launched The Supper Model. The essentially my life on a plate.
Where did you learn how to cook?
Believe it our not I made my first meal for my husband (then boyfriend) out of a tiny kitchen in his home in Washington D.C. just 3 years ago. Since then I trained at Le Cordon Bleu in London in their grand diploma program. I now hold degrees in both French Cuisine and Baking and Pastry Arts. It was the most difficult and most rewarding thing I have ever done.

What is the one thing every cook should have on hand?
Cornstarch. Just kidding, I never touch the stuff.
I am sure the typical answer is a sharp knife, but I’ve gotten away with making great meals without one. All I know is that cooking and cooking well is all about time and temperature. I am not talking about timers or thermometers- a chef can easily do without them. It’s about feeling a cooking point, and sensing  what stage the food is at. I know it may sounds crazy but if you are chef you’ll reach a point where you can actually hear and feel the food- it will tell you when it’s ready and you’ll know what it needs. It’s instinct and I imagine those of you who are mothers will understand what I mean- there is an imaginary umbilical chord between chef and cuisine.
I used to have a chef who’d make me stand in silence at the stove with my ear above a sizzling sortoir full of dry rice. I’d be waiting to add the wine and stock and send this risotto on it’s way when I’d hear “Wait! Attendre-“And with furrowed brow and eyes closed he’d hover over the skillet and whisper, “wait till you hear it singing…”
What is the one thing every baker should possess?
And every entertainer?
Confidence. It’s a vulnerable position, being the star of the show-the one that everyone has to come to see-whose food they have come to taste. But the host sets the tone, and even if the kitchen catches fire, the meat is raw, or the soup is cold- learn how to get over it and let the show go on… and make sure everyone keeps drinking!

Recipes? Will you be blogging from your own kitchen?
Coming Soon! I promise. We are currently between homes and waiting for our new apartment to be ready. Without a kitchen, I am living a true “semi-homemade” life right now, but as soon as I can get my kitchen aid out of storage and my oven cranking look out!
I currently float between a Nikon D90 and my iphone. No special lenses just yet. As I am sure you can tell I am a true novice photographer.
Will you review my restaurant, product, company?
I would be happy to take suggestions and recommendations so send them my way! I can’t promise anything, but if there is something you love to cook with, a place you love to eat, a recipe you are looking for please send me an email and let me know.
Other questions, comments, suggestions, email me at: thesuppermodel@gmail.com
All for now the kitchen is calling. It’s dinner time, or rather supper time.
Darcy Jones

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