Setting Up Shop

After some late night marketing … and a champagne toast or two…

We’ve arrived!
Move in day is finally and officially upon us: skyscrapers of stacked boxes line the hall, dust, drills, and duvets cover the floors, and a steady stream of movers, workmen and unidentified onlookers motor through the apartment in constant commute. Yet in the midst of this mini city in full workday mode, I managed to peal open the first box marked ‘kitchen’ to find my shinny cast iron skillet, sitting right on top. 
I decided it was meant to be, and stole a moment in the kitchen for a much needed bacon n’ eggs break.
An occasion like this calls for something special, so I went for it: 

my classic 2 eggs, 1 yolk omelette, whisked with a highly confidential secret ingredient that I promise to share with you in do time, but right now I’m rather preoccupied.
Nothing like bringing home the bacon, and in this case bringing bacon home.
Food for Thought and Things to be Bought

This store and site are my current obsession.
Photo courtesy of Brookfarm General Store
Because life is just meant to look like this
Visit them in Brooklyn:
75 South 6th St. (between Berry & Wythe)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Tel: +1 718 388 8642 

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