When life Gives You…Oranges

Make them into orange… well everything!

After infusing my home with the scent of citrus and spice a few times yesterday,

I realized that I had in turn effectively softened and ‘de-bittered’ the citrus rinds (much like I would need to do when making citrus peel candy). I could now easily turn these already recycled peels into something new all together.

From this…

How? I took the soften rinds from the infusion liquid, and removed out the whitest part of the pith with a pairing knife. I julienned them, or rather cut them into thick matchstick pieces, and set them in a sauce pan with 2 parts sugar to 1 part water. I let them simmer slowly for about 20 minutes until they got that sweet candy texture and taste, then drained and cooled them on a wire rack.

Nightmare in Effect

We’re headed to a friends home for the holiday weekend, and at 5pm today I found myself face to face with a 4 hour late washer/dryer installer, a barrage of urgent departure texts from my husband, and an eleventh hour housewarming gift crisis.

There was nothing left to do, but make do.
I boldly threw together a basket of orange delights that included the Citrus Sugar (ready in 2 weeks), Orange Rosemary Honey (ready in 1 week), and Candied Orange Peels (ready today).

Orange. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Darcy Jones

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