From Farm to Table to Tabloid

What’s better than a good old fashioned memorial day weekend spent gathering up a little sun and a whole love of sweets?

Yep, I couldn’t think of anything either, so I’m ready to declare this past holiday the best yet.
Here’s a few splices of life on a Long Island farm and a couple slices of long island pie from our favorite neighborhood farm stand.

Welcome to Life at Youngs Farm

Strawberry Fields…forever 
Tumbling of sweet garlic

Sometimes it’s so nice to step outside your kitchen, walk outside the city, and run to where food is served in it’s natural setting we all new once upon a time it came from. But no matter how far your travel or how long you search there’s always Justin Timberlake right there, on the putting green, or eating at the local cafe to bring you (or was it sexy?) back…

But for a chef seeing the love of food and passion for ingredients so organically supported and demonstrated makes us all believe in our own food focus just a bit more. And our focus at Youngs Farm today was a true mission: getting the best jam, jelly, and pie for our hosts, and of course pocketing some coveted extras to get us through the week back in the big city.

Jams, Jelly, Chutney: Canned Delight
The Pie Case
Our, or should I, One of Our Selections

Nothing beats great home cooking… especially when that great home cooking isn’t coming from your kitchen!

Because we all need a little holiday here and there.

Youngs Farm
Hegemans Lane, Glen Head, NY 11545, T: +1 516 626 3955

Visit them soon and tell them I sent you!

Darcy Jones

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