Cyber Chef

In honor of Cyber Monday, I’m channeling my inner cyber chef to bring you the sophis-tech-ated scoop on all the best and brightest kitchen-wear this holiday.
I hear you- but not this one!
So you don’t know what to get that fabulous foodie friend of yours this holiday? Want to finally live up to that annual New Years resolution of spending fewer nights out and loosing far more weight? Always know that YOU are the true gourmet in the house, but never had the gadgets to prove it?
Essence of moss at your holiday table?
Then get your freak on, and grab some of these gourmet-gizmos before its too late! Tick-Tock, Tech- Toque these Cyber Monday deals end tonight so find my Have To Have holiday must-haves for the canny, chic and cyber cook in all of us:

Because why should the Voltaggio brothers get to have all the fun?

Girls, gadgets, and groceries… somewhere; a foodie’s fantasy…

Darcy Jones

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