A Meyer’s Float

Can it be? Thrust into March and still no snow! Predictions say temperatures will be on the rise this week and next here in NYC, so to celebrate I’m letting lemons lighten my winter load. So shed that heavy coat and put away your hat and gloves: sit by a sun-filled window this week enjoying one of my favorite sweet and seasonal treats…

My Meyer Lemon Sorbet

The meyer lemon is a particular winter wonder: a sweeter softer lemon that is only available right about now. It makes for delicious dressings, curds, and mousses of course, but I think the best way to capture it’s unique citrus flavor is in this lightly icy treat.

Infusing some lemongrass into the sugar syrup in this recipe gives the sorbet a subtle depth, brightening the flavors with only the slightest hint of something earthy and floral.

Whether it’s an elegant finish to a meal with friends, or an afternoon snack for one, this sorbet will give you a stolen second of summer, and make you believe that spring is truly just around the corner….

Meyer Lemon and Lemongrass Sorbet
Serves plenty

12 Meyer Lemons (or enough to render 3 cups juice)
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
1 stalk lemongrass, chopped
2 tablespoons liquid glucose

zest of 1 or 2 meyer lemons for serving

1. Make the simple syrup by combining the sugar and water in small sauce pot and heat over medium heat until sugar dissolves completely let thicken for 4 minutes or so and turn off the heat. Then add the liquid glucose and stir until completely combined, putting it back on the heat if necessary. Then add the lemongrass and allow the lemongrass to infuse the syrup as it cools to room temperature.

2. As the syrup cools, juice the meyer lemons and strain the final amount of juice being sure you end up with 3 cups.

3. Strain the lemongrass syrup and add the syrup to the juice mixture. Stir to combine, and cover and refridgerator the liquid mixture for 4 hours, overnight, or until completely cold. Process in an ice cream machine according the given instructions and place the sorbet in an airtight container to be left in the freezer overnight.

4. When ready to serve, bring the sorbet out and leave at room temperature for a few minutes, scoop and freshly zest a little of the meyer lemon rind over the top.

Serve immediately and enjoy a simple and summery taste amidst a long winter season…

With, well, lemons,

Darcy Jones

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