Tummy Troubles…

Tummy Troubles. They plague us all from time to time, but for some it is an ongoing, never ending, day-in and day-out struggle. However this Pain-In-The-A$scending colon, could be a thing of your past. Lately, there have been some terrific products to hit the American market that can dramatically aid, if not fix, most of our gut-wrenching discomfort. Our resident dysfunctional-digestion-diva, “Dr. Darcy”, weighs in:

Oh the places you’ll go… or ending up having to go… if you are like many of us who battle the bulge, the bloat, and the bother of a misbehaving-belly! I envy those around me with teflon-stomachs; those who can sample exotic foods, and mow through 13 course tasting menus with ease. They order a simple cognac, armagnac, or limoncello, and poof! Right back on track.

Maddening. I am, and have never been that person. 
I not only thrive, but I thoroughly depend on clean food in order to simply function. 

So after years of testing products and prescriptions, and putting my stomach through the ringer, I have finally FINALLY found balance and peace in a simple daily regiment, and a few occasional additions to my everyday diet.

May this help any of you out there who battle a misbehaving belly….


This is a simple lactose-free capsule I have begun to take every morning to increase the level of probiotics and good bacteria that remains sitting pretty in my stomach. It is gentle and super easy to tolerate (sometimes I even twist off the capsule and add the powdery contents into my morning green juice). If you take prescription medication or have to take a round of antibiotics or anti-inflammatories taking a Culturelle or two a day is a must-do… try it, and you can thank me later!

Good Belly Blueberry Acai Probiotic Juice Drink

Good Belly is a god sent. I discovered Good Belly in the non dairy, dairy section of Whole Foods, and since purchasing it, have never gone without. This drink is loaded with probiotics and helps to replenish the good bacteria that we loose everyday as our intestinal cells shed their lining. The added bonus? It tastes fantastic and also comes in a medley other flavors- so boredom is never an option. Take their 12 day challenge (an 8 oz glass a day, for 12 days) and reap the amazing benefits…

GT’s Enlightened Organic Raw Kombucha 

Kombucha me this… I am obsessed. I like to feel as though I am allowed to indulge in Elevenses each and every day, as this effervescent enzyme-filled drink could pass for a top mixologist’s specialty drink.  The Citrus, Gingerade, and Hibiscus flavors of GT’s organic raw Kombucha are my favorite flavors, and one of these a day will amazingly increase your energy, ease your tension, and has dramatically decreased the amount of caffeine I need. Just go with it. You WILL thank me later.

The Palma Christi Castor Oil

At the risk of entering T.M.I. territory, Natural Castor Oil from the Heritage Store (available online or in the Whole Body section of Whole Foods) is my nightly topical solution for a hard days digestion work. I use a silver dollar size amount of castor oil, lie down on my bedroom floor and massage the soft oil across my abs before doing my yoga stretches and heading to bed. Because your stomach muscles and core work so hard throughout the day, it is important to release the tension, especially if you are an active athlete, or do a fair amount of toning and exercising. Once the oil is absorbed into the skin, you can take a hot washcloth and place it over your stomach as the moist heat will help relax your stomach muscles and heat the oil, helping it absorb. This process also helps me concentrate on slow deep breathing before bed, which in turns help me sleep better and deeper.

Here’s to a future gut, that Ain’t Misbehavin

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