Summer in the City Cleanse

This summer has been a whirlwind of work, travel, & so much more. Finding time to workout, eat right, and even sleep has been a conscious effort. Typically, I am pretty consistent when it comes to cleanses. At the very least I will do a 3 day cleanse at the start of every season, but as spring quickly became summer this year I found myself racing to catch up.

Finding three days this summer where I would be home in NYC and able to detox, was simply impossible, but to my grateful amazement Organic Avenue had the solution. Their Summer Cleanse is always available and in stock in all their stores (so no need to plan 48hrs in advance) as well as online.

What it is is a 24hr total juice cleanse comprised of 1 morning shot, followed by 5 delicious seasonal juices and 1 nut/seed-based delicious milk to close out the day. I admit, being the avid juicer that I am, that I was skeptical if a 24hr cleanse could really do well anything. But in adopting the something-must-be-better-than-nothing attitude, I found that one day on the Organic Avenue cleanse cleared my mind, visibly hydrated my skin, and left me with an overall sense of calm well being.

So why not steal 24hrs for yourself and press the restart button on your summer!
You’ll be glad you did…

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