Never Forget

Drawing by Alvaro

Returning to NYC at the close of New York Fashion Week and on the anniversary of September 11th, I realize that these two events may forever mark the true start of fall in this, my great city. New Yorkers continue to astound me each and everyday, but mostly on this day, each year, when the unspoken spirit of a city bound together by the events some 12 years ago is again alive and palatable…
Just this morning, jet-lagged and barely conscious of my surroundings, I was flabbergasted when the gentleman in front of me in the queue at our neighborhood juice-bar took care of my entire bill without uttering a single word other than to wish me a pleasant, safe day as he left. 
Later, a sticky walk to the grocer took me to lower Tribeca past One World at lunchtime. On this day the dim noise of a city at work never seems to rise above that certain decibel level, so that in my surrounding area you can always here the continuous rush of the water pouring into the memorial footprint. Drivers know not to honk, diners know to take their al fresco lunch in silence, and passersby look on with respect and walk with a gracious step not normally known to this city’s pedestrians… 
It’s peaceful, at moments eery, and at times still incredibly overwhelming. But as much as this day each year is marked by a tribute to the past, I feel that today it’s significance is found amidst the humid shadows of a glowing One World Trade Center; a now sacred place filled with a tenable hope for the future.
So even though it’s wonderful to get away, it is always great to come home.

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