It’s Day 2, here at The Supper Model, of our first 14 day TEAtox from Your Tea. Your Tea is an Australian Tea brand that creates organic tea fusions that target toxins, bloating, cellulite, fertility, and muscle development. Their self-professed goal is to nourish your body, revitalize your energy, and soothe your soul.
After just 24hrs, I must admit I have double the energy I had the day before, and feel completely toxin-free (much more so than I have with many of my previous juice cleanses). This striking change comes from simply adding 3 large cups of hot tea to my day, making sure to drink each mug full about 30 minutes prior to eating. It is that simple. Unlike other detoxes, I have a ton of energy to want to workout a bit longer, stretch a bit longer, and meditate a bit more.
Already, I’m quite impressed at the little effort needed to feel this dramatically good!
Check out all their #teatox options and their everyday tea options specially designed for women AND men at:
Happy Sipping Saturday!

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