Indian Summer Saturday

What can I say? Saturdays in the city with my corgis are always best spent in Central Park. It’s one of those key aspects so unique to Manhattan and, in my opinion, THE aspect that makes New York City “like no other city in the world.”

The fall in this city is also like no other city’s fall. The smell in the air, the buzz on the streets, September sunsets, Octobers skies, and crisp November nights leading up to holiday madness cannot truly be captured on film, nor summed up in words. It is just something you must experience for yourself.

And on the Upper East Side, September Saturdays seem to fly by at the pace of those speed-walking-stroller-pushing moms on 5th. And believe me they are fast and merciless! You’ll observe the rarity that is a fast-pace fraternity amongst the fashionable women who pass each other on Madison: a certain unspoken glance means you’ve been given the nod. They know, you know, heck EVERYBODY knows who you’re wearing.

Maybe you’ll dine outside, feasting on liquids: bellinis, espressos, wait is this Paris? Oui! Non. And come afternoon you’ll stroll through the park, avec scarf and Jackie O-sized sunglasses of course, and remark how wonderful it is to have a “slice of the country” in the center of your cosmopolitan world…I imagine exactly what Frederick Law Olmsted had intended…

Case in point.

Ah to be a New Yorker. No matter the years I’ve lived here, and will live here, the Upper East Side fall-spirit will always excite, amaze, and inspire me. So on this epically beautiful Saturday, a trip uptown, away from our life in Tribeca, to spend a little time barefoot in the park is just what the doctor, or vet, ordered…

Hope your Saturday and weekend is just as enjoyable as ours here in NYC.


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