Friday’s FAB FIND

Gift season is creeping up on us, so whether you’re ready or not it’s time to get searching and go shopping! Now let’s just hope you’ve been saving… Naughty naughty! Never fear, we are always on the lookout here at TSM for style, sophistication, and chicness at any and every price, so with our new weekly post Friday’s Fab Find you’ll be able to conquer any holiday, hostess, or haute gifting need.
So just what are we lusting after and simply love love loving!? 

Jonathan Adler, aka the GOD of great gifts, has produced this exceptionally beautifully, fun, funky, and chic dish inspired by the return of the hide rug to fashion in light of the mid-century-modern revival in home decorating. Described on his site as “the perfect pop of graphic glamour for any bedside, bathroom or table setting,” you can grab this Zebra Dish in Platinum or Gold for an unbelievable $32!

If you’re fast that is… Visit Jonathan Adler at to view the entire Bold, Poppy, & Graphic Carnaby collection of gifts ASAP! In fact why not go ahead and buy in bulk? We chose to pick up a few Zebra dishes in each finish in anticipation of holiday hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, and all those Sagittarius’ we seem to know….

Happy Shopping!

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