Shopping and Stretching: A Perfect Prescription for a Turkey-Day Hangover

Whether you’re walking a mall, scouring the sidewalks, or surfing online to celebrate and take advantage of all that Black Friday has to offer, try this simple series of 14 yoga moves that will aid in rebalancing your system by easing digestion while giving those insularly muscles a nice stretch and warm up, which will in fact result in cooling down those… ehem… after-effects of Thanksgiving indulgences….
Thanks to Jenny Sugar and our friends at POPSUGAR Fitness for this wonderful visual tutorial.
Remember to drink lots of water and calming herbal tea with fresh lemon to help alkaline your system and warm your body from the inside out. And let yourself SLEEP- turkey and contains the natural essential amino acid tryptophan which has been said to have a calming effect when ingested: that plus a heavy meal high in carbohydrates and wine can create a sedative-like effect. So relax! Sleep a little bit longer, and linger in bed a little bit later: more sleep means better digestion and will result in faster rebounding energy.
Don’t worry, you can thank us later!
Happy Weekend

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