“Start Me Up” Smoothie

Here’s to a new a year TSM followers! 2014 will be filled with new beginnings, new hopes, dreams, adventures, tips, tricks, and travels… and that is just on our side here at The Supper Model!

But before we start looking ahead at the changes and things to come at TSM, lets begin with striving to set THIS week off right. Time to curb the indulgences of weekends pasts and detox from the cold weather comfort foods we’ve all been digging into throughout this present frigid month. So with February on the horizon, here’s my favorite morning makeover of the moment!

Make my “Start Me Up” smoothie is that perfect shade of lip smacking rouge, with a flavor blast that will make you want to take 40 Licks to savor it all…
Monday Monday will never feel the same again, nor will hump day for that matter!

Start Me Up Smoothie
makes one serving
1 cup organic blackberries, frozen or fresh
1 cup chopped organic pineapple, frozen or fresh
juice of 1/2 a lemon
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon Maca powder
1 tablespoon VEGA ONE Nutritional vitamin powder in “Berry” flavor
1 tablespoon ground Flaxseed powder (I used the enriched with mixed berries & omega-3’s from Spectrum)
1 tsp GREENSuperFood greens powder
5-6 drops liquid Chlorophyll
8-10 drops liquid ConcenTrace Trace Mineral drops
1 cup organic natural coconut water
1/3 cup organic unsweetened almond milk 
3 drops liquid Stevia all natural sweetener
1. Combine all ingredients, trying to keep all powders toward the bottom, in a high power blender. Blend on high until a perfectly smooth consistency is reached *tip* if you do not have a vitamix blender or something comparable, blend the smoothie on high very well, and pass the mixture through a fine mesh sieve (strainer) so that any remaining whole blackberry seeds are removed.
2. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy immediately… as if you could resist doing anything else…
**TSM Health Tip**
To fully reap the benefit of this AM liquid lift try following this prescription from when your sun rises and sets: Pre hydrate with hot filtered water and fresh meyer lemon juice. Then enjoy your smoothie, followed by 1 liter of a high-PH count bottled water (like Fiji or Voss) by noon. Fit in a yoga session and “eat clean” for the entire day day making sure to get to bed by 10pm, drinking more water and avoiding alcohol for 24hrs. That will cure any woes from a weekend past, and is guaranteed to jumpstart you for a week of feeling great!

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