Brights on the Bowery

Sweater, Reiss love the 1971 Marco and Elm too // Jeans, Zara, loving these // Boots, Stuart Weitzman, still loving these // Gloves, Hermes // Clutch, Topshop UK // Shades, Tom Ford // Bangles, Hermes // Earrings, Vintage Balmain // Scarf, so old I can’t remember!

Despite the chilly temps, sunshine is always a welcome to sight to celebrate in NYC. As my outfit can tell you I am not quite ready to declare spring’s arrival, but winter-induced cabin fever has me ready to get out and about outdoors. It is time to explore what’s popping up and shinning bright in the city around me. And right now there is nothing more exciting and enticing than Maya Hayuk‘s now famous mural on Bowery and Houston in Nolita. Woven neon colors and a symmetrical design pattern are typical to Hayuk’s style, but her work on this large a scale is simply show-stopping. It reminds me of a giant Ukrainian Easter Egg, hand painted with colorful geometrical designs to celebrate birth, rebirth, and fertility, which in turn are all token hallmarks of the spring season. When it comes to street art, this work in particular seems to engage passersby better than any piece of instillation art that I’ve seen in recent memory. I had a blast shooting around it, so I hope you enjoy the pics!

Please go out and see if you are in and around NYC.

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