Rocker Chic

Vegan Leather Sweatshirt Dress, Topshop, no longer available, similar, love this one // Faux Fur Coat, Sheinside // Purse, Zara, love this one // Shoes, Zara // Earrings, Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier // Shades, Westward Leaning, Wintermute, N 10.1 // Lips, YSL Rouge Volupte, #11 Vivid Fuchsia 

If you didn’t know better, I bet you’d say that this girl just paused for a cigarette before popping on the subway, in route to see Van Halen at Hammerstein Ballroom circa 1984. Close. Alas, these photos are not vintage, and that is me in fact channeling my 80s-hairband-groupie alter ego. There’s something about the different stages of 80s fashion that is so endlessly appealing to me, and somehow this outfit seems to nail many of those infamous fashion feelings and iconic moments. Think about it: there’s punk-tude, unexplained angst, and unbridled excess in bold textures, wild crimped fur, wayfarers, statement accessories, and of course big hair. Sexy but steely, strong yet seductive. It’s Girls on Film meets Who’s that Girl … and that says everything about the magic of fashion right there doesn’t it? How our clothes can dictate whomever we want to be today, tomorrow, forever really, and showcase the many people we actually are. Now if only I had a scrunchie…

Happy weekend, and may you find your own fashion alter-egos!

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