What Fashion Decade Should You Really Be Living In?

Still telling your hairdresser to tease the heck out of your roots, and “the more spray the better”? Appalled by the endless racks and stacks of skinny jeans without a flare or even a boot cut in sight? Can’t understand why white-tie hasn’t come back into fashion? Confused as to why women ever wanted to wear pants when the corset was the greatest fashion invention of all time? I mean doesn’t anyone dress for dinner anymore?

TIME OUT. Because if you’ve ever felt utterly lost in a department store, or completely out of touch while reading Vogue at the nail salon, there’s a reason. It’s simple really: you’re style soul is just fashion-misplaced. Maybe many of us consider our music taste and exclaim “Ugh I should have been born in another time!” But when it comes to personal style, dressing, and fashion attraction, when REALLY should you have been rocking that look you love? Do yourself a favor. Be honest, and take 30 seconds out of your day to enjoy this game break that will calculate just what fashion decade you belong to. Click “let’s play” bellow:

I love taking these fast and funny quizzes that pop up occasionally on my social feeds. The results tend to shock, or at the very least amuse, me, so I have to applaud Lila Odinaev for creating this beauty to help us all find out what fashion moment we truly belong in.

Be sure to share with friends: you’ll bring happy to their otherwise hellish humpday.
And don’t be shy! Leave me a comment bellow on what decade you got- I’m curious…
I’m the 70s… so there. Now your turn!

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