*VIDEO* The Sparkler Cocktail

Like fireworks in a glass, this sparkling wine, cranberry
laced and blueberry garnished cocktail is the perfect festive aperitif to serve
guests this holiday weekend and all summer long. It will make anyone and
everyone feel extra special this season, so watch my super simple video tutorial and ENJOY! Recipe bellow
Serves 6
1 750ml bottle chilled Champagne, or * California sparkling
wine, like Chandon, used here
6 shots cranberry juice or about 3 tablespoons per cocktail
(would need 18 in total for this recipe)
Garnish with 5 fresh blueberries per glass/flute
1. Place 1 shot of cranberry juice or 2-3 tablespoons in the
base of each champagne flute
2. Pour sparkling wine into glass leaving a ½ inch distance
from the lip of the glass.
3. Add 5 blueberries each flute and serve immediately and
Video Credits
Filmed by Mary Perrino
Edited by Sebastian Savino, Virtuoso Picture House
Hair by Alexandra Archibald
Makeup by Maria Sanchez
Outfit: Topshop Ltd Edition
Shot on Location at The Supper Model, NYC
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