Nautical Nights

1. C. Wonder School-of-Fish Coasters // 2. Joe Fresh Striped Canvas Tote // 3. Equipment Shane Stripe Silk Sweater // 4. J.Crew Chevron Jewelry Dish // 5. Serena & Lily AHOY Bath Mat // 6. Serena & Lily Maritime Napkins // 7. C. Wonder Pom Pom Stirrers // 8. Jonathan Adler Cote d’Azur Highball // 9. Serena & Lily Fouta Chambray Bath Towels // 10. J.Crew Metallic Cork Coasters // 11. Jonathan Adler Cote d’Azur Melamine Dinner Plate // 12. BaubleBar Cape Knot Necklace // 13. Serena & Lily Blue Deco Pareo // 14. J.Crew Tortoise Flower Bikini Top & Bottom // 15. Kate Spade Charlotte St Place Set
“Ahoy Polloi! Where did you just come from? A scotch add?”
And yes, that may just be what your guests, hosts, family, and friends ask you if you get as into the Nautical Theme this summer as I have! Caddy Shack quotes and jokes aside, this time of year as I know many of us do I desperately depend on escaping. I love to disappear to my summer home in my head that is right around this time when work is still cranking, days are sweltering, and my mind is clouding, fogging, and truly wondering. I start by browsing all the home good stores, tabletop shops, and retail sales that are over-abundant with all things roped, white, and blue this time of year. I save my finds to a secret Pinterest board, which I can travel to in the blink of an eye, or click of a mouse, when the weather turns grizzly midweek, or an all-nighter editing session has me longing for the fresh sea air, and glass of crisp cold Chardonnay. Oh to be a city-bound chick in the summer… C’est la vie…for now…
But say YOUR actual home needs a little summer refresher, say mixing up the everyday dinner wear adorable blue and white Kate Spade china, adding lavish fouta linens, or just a fun “Ahoy” bath mat from Serena & Lily to the master bath, my Nod-To-All-Things-Nautical shopping guide will get you in the booze-cruising mood. Not ready for that midsummer’s pool party you are always invited to? Panicking about the OTT (that’s over. the. top, not the rosé) lunch sail on the boss’ boat? Or is it that midsummer’s beach BBQ you have always, but never, promised to throw? From hostess gifts, to housewarming gifts, to helping-yourself-to-the-fab-online-sales gifts: you’ll find my hand picked favorites above almost all at reduced prices! Don’t fret, loves. Have fun, embrace the season, get a great beach-ready bikini, or treat yourself to a sexy sweater, and surround yourself with the calming presence of deep soothing blue and crisp palate cleansing white. No matter where life has you this week.
Cheers to having some summer sale fun, or to just dreaming about that summer home-by-the-sea…
All aboard my dear readers! Remember that if you build it, it will come.
Anchors Away, and happy shopping!

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