Transeasonal Tuesday

White Peplum Hem Texture Pencil Skirt, ASOS // Ikat Denim Shirt, Mango // Orange-Cherry Booties, River Island UK similar & similar // Cork Clutch, J.Crew // Pave and Gold Bracelet, Rachel Roy, similar // Kismet Ring Set, Aldo // Gold Hoops, Tiffany & Co. // Lips, Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in “Fig-Red Grape”

Day One of NYFW, New York Fashion Week that is, began helplessly hot, humid, and with a massive sense of hurry that lay thick in the air across the whole of Manhattan. A Manhattan whose entire population seemed to be getting back to work, school, and schedules after the summertime suspension, all at once…
Yes, just imagine the traffic! Now you know why fashion folks are some of the most stressed out human beings out there! I mean a blow out and all white on the subway in conditions like this? I think not. So I began the week of shows and showcases doing a little dance between Lincoln Center and Milk Studios in my most favorite white skirt I’ve ever owned, and most inexpensive I’ve ever owned, from ASOS . I paired it with a classic dark denim blouse, and the most perfect fall suede cherry-orange red booties. And to top it all off, gold gold gold accessories from Aldo, J.Crew, & Tiffany
My unique cocktail ring is blue cut glass with a gold snake silhouette that makes up the band. I thought I should mention that this ring somewhat of a good luck charm, or a security “statement piece” I wear when I need a little extra confidence or something to ground me. I found this ring in a small store in Le Marais in Paris a few years ago over a legendary weekend with my best girlfriend. I never can remember the name of the shop or even the street, but I can get to it from anywhere in Paris simply by following my nose to the tiniest flower shop in the world which sits next door. On a warm day the rose petals stream out it’s front door with the gentle wind, into the small jewelry boutique next door… it’s magical.
So why is this important, and what on earth does this have to do with New York Fashion Week? There is something overwhelming, at times scary, pressurized, and entirely insane about fashion week, and now fashion month, and unless you are an Anna Wintourian veteran, it can consume you, chew you up and spit you out with an unreal schedule, and an unobtainable standard for looking perfect: eye bags not admitted; it’s time you learned to master the art of all day shows, squeezing a shoot, and hitting up 2-3 parties in the evening, and never letting a smidgen of it show on your face. Sound the violins, and let’s cheers to my fashion week pity-party right? It’s not entirely the melodrama I’ve portrayed, and the only way I know how to stop the roller coaster ride towards burnout-dom is to keep with me or wear a little something that will always take me away to a place of respite, where I can regain my nerve and remember who I am.
Fashion Week is not unlike the first week of school, or the first week of a job: the same questions and uncertainties arise believe it or not. Where will I sit? Will I be cool? Will I look right? Will they like me? I guess in some ways we’ll never grow up, will we…
And so, my “Memento Moxie” is my serpentine ring, and Paris is my place. 
And my guess is that I’m not alone in the grown-up-security-blanket department, am I right?
So, what’s yours?
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