Black & White Done Just Right

Black Frog Knot Braiding Blazer, Zara, *SHOP BELLOW* // Black Tassel Shell, Audrey 3+1 // White Peplum Hem Skirt, H&M // Black Pumps, Sergio Rossi // Shades, Aldo // Gold Hammered Hoops & Roping Necklace, Sequin NYC// Bracelets, Hermes & John Hardy // Lips, Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in “Dare Devil”
When it comes to conquering the art of transitional, or transeasonal as the fashion world prefers to now call it, dressing nothing holds a higher success rate than a black and white ensemble. Let’s face it: it’s a tried and true winner, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it has to be stale and boring. When I approach dressing in black and white, I like to have a vision in mind: something I’m interested in playing with to make the outfit less minimalist, less normcore, and more fun and flirty, or bold and intricate. I find inspiration in art, architecture, film, and of course Pinterest which is just a treasure trove of ideas. Whether it’s in the brilliance of everything Art Deco, the fashion palette of the Roaring Twenties, Cecil Beaton’s dazzling photographic portraits, or 1944’s film noir masterpiece “Laura”: black and white can often times highlight beauty, detail, and presence better than any shred of color every could. 
So, my OOTD. My look here clearly takes it’s inspiration from the towering organic lines of the mushroom forest like sculpture I found during the madness of fashion week. (And it would take a piece this large and imposing to stop me during the all out mayhem of NYFW) The sculpture itself feels strangely Spanish, or even South American, and got me thinking of the many classic Spanish details: tassels and brocade work, peplum and flounced hems and cuffs, and of a cropped military-style blazer I have whose braiding and frogging appliqués harken back to the once great Spanish Navy, in all their uniform splendor. In this mindset, I naturally choose gold as an accessory: a hammered gold hoop, and a nautical rope-chain link necklace. The peplum hem echoes the waves in my hair, that both reinforce the black lines in the sculpture, further making you notice the braiding on the jacket. The deep lip is an homage to the sultry Ava Gardner whose stunning spanish lips can be seen best in two classic films set in Spain: “Pandora and the Flying Dutchman” and the legendary “Barefoot Contessa”.
Even though it may seem like there is a lot of thought behind, and time spent, bringing this outfit together, remember that you can take just one simple piece of inspiration and turn any trusted transeasonal threads into something fresh, focused and bottom line FUN. Because after all, the key to pulling off a powerful black and white ensemble, is to never let that exertion show. 
Remember, fashion should be effortlessly interesting, never too perfect, and if nothing else, always intriguing. 

Enjoy shopping the look and inspirational pieces bellow!

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