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Perlier Honey Miel After-Bath Body Water Spray 

As the weather gets colder, our skin needs some extra love, care, and attention. But in early fall, it’s not always easy to determine just when to transition to those heavier moisturizers, body oils, and even butters. The smart answer is to make switch from summer products to more robust products before you think you need to. The second you wake up with scaly, flaking, or itchy skin means that you are primed for breakouts, and already needing to work backwards to regain hydration. 
So what can and should you be doing right now to prep you skin for these beautiful, but sometimes brisk, fall days? 
It’s simple. Get to know Perlier
Italian “naturalness” skincare brand Perlier is steeped in an 80 year old tradition of creating therapeutic products from natural ingredients. Among their many beauty, bath, and body products is the Honey Miel line, a collection of 100% Organic Honey based skin products. Perlier’s Miel collection works to instantly soften, brighten, tighten, and moisturize the skin leaving you with a silky skin texture as well as more toned skin. Within the organic honey collection, I have found 3 favorite products that create a quick and easy morning regime that will make you feel like you’ve stepped out of a 5-star spa treatment each and every morning. Otherwise known as the Holy Honey-Treatment Trinity!
Begin in the shower with a luffa and a healthy dollop of the Body Tightening Gel scrub. Working in circular motions, standing away from the direct stream of the shower, let the gel scrub work into the skin and sit for a few minutes as the natural enzymes of the honey based formula work to eradicate dead skin cells and tighten surface skin. Once out of the shower indulge your newly smooth skin with Perlier’s rich Honey Miel Body Balm. Trust me, the texture and smell will intoxicate your senses, so much so that you may have to throw the tub in your purse for midday (or all day) reapplication. I carry it every day now, using it as my go to hand moisturizer. Lastly, you can take a final fragrant spritz of this honey skincare trifecta with you by spraying on the luscious After-Bath Body Water Spray. The  body spray will leave your legs and limbs looking especially shinny and dewy while feeling completely dry, without that messy and annoying oily feeling that tinted gels leave behind. This is a truly special trio of organic skin caring products that I call my skin-savior secret. I couldn’t be more excited to share my love of Perlier’s products with you all.
Check out all the other amazing collections from Perlier on their site here and thanks so much for reading!

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