Oribe “Gold Lust”-Worthy Locks

When someone recently asked me “What is the ultimate accessory?” well I immediately answered: “Oh, my hair!” She paused for a moment, evidently surprised, and as the milliseconds ticked by in silence, I sensed her clear dissatisfaction with my answer, to which I blurted out a smile-loaded chuckle and said, “In all seriousness, earrings. Of course, earrings: they frame the face, which is of course our most defining and important feature.” Whew! She was pleased…
But honestly, my hair is very much the most defining part of my look. And on a good day, a great blowout and my engagement ring are all I need in the accessories department. I am what I like to call a super blonde, and by that I mean light light bright, and brighter please! I like to have several different tones highlighted into my hair in order to create a lustrous Goldie Locks effect, which adds dimension to my long fine strands. Because I don’t use extensions or hair pieces, they’re fun for an editorial shoot, but they wreak havoc on and permanently stress the root of hair like mine if I was to constantly wear them. So because I don’t, I spend a lot of time caring for my hair in order to keep it in excellent condition despite all the blowouts, styling, and coloring I put it through on a regular basis. I naturally have a lot of fine hair, and because it’s long and double-processed my mane is ripe for split ends, prone to dry strands with an oily scalp, and ready to fall limp and lack-lustre if I don’t pay attention. 
But when Oribe, one of my favorite brands in existence of which I own almost everything they produce, introduced their new uber-amazing “Gold Lust” line, I was first on my stylist’s list to test it out. The result: insanely amazing! Oribe’s Gold Lust shampoo and conditioner provide nutrition, moisture, along with an actual glitter-flecked formula that boosts the color and sheen in hair while strengthening it. My hair has become like spun gold in only one month of using the powerful duo. And as the humidity has left the Manhattan air, I have taken to spraying my ends after the shower or before bed with the Gold Lust Nourishing Oil. This serum is unlike anything I have ever tried, and believe me I have spent far too much money trying every product under the sun, as it goes to work to repairing and quickly sealing split ends with shocking immediacy. My hair is soft, but not heavy, shinny and bouncy and seemingly hydrated from within.
I encourage anyone and EVERYONE to try it out (brunettes not excluded)! And if you shop the Oribe line below, you’ll find a terrific 3-piece Liquid Gold Holiday travel pack of this Tresses-Trifecta: the perfect gift for someone you love… and yes of course that someone can be you!

Shop Oribe’s new Gold Lust line from Neiman Marcus below, and thank me later!

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