“All My Single Ladies” Living Room Project with Modani Modern Furniture

A Living Room fit for any Queen B or Queen D in my case… 
Welcome, All My Single Ladies, to my living room decorating project with Modani Modern Furniture inspired by you! I have been a huge fan, and collector, of Modani’s modern home furnishing and decorative pieces for years now, and when they approached me to work on this project to celebrate their massive Clearance Sale which is now currently online through November 12th, I admittedly squealed with glee at the opportunity. I visit their showrooms in Manhattan and Miami frequently, and love noting how their Master Mo-Stylists put together rooms. When not able to make it to the store however, I’ll whisk myself  away at my desk by accessing their virtual rooms tour from every Modani showroom location around the US and now Canada! It’s definitely a fun lunch-break project…
So today Modani and I are unveiling The Supper Model‘s Living Room Redo. I present to you the “lets feast on chocolate and pink champagne party” inspired living space! It’s a place where after a long day, you’ll trade your pumps for soft slippers, and cuddle up on the soft latte leather couch. Wrap a fuzzy fur throw around you, and rest your head on that plush pink velvet pillow. You’re home. But on a Friday night, light a pink candle and crack open the rose, lady! Add a few fresh pink stems from the corner market to that stunning Lapisan statement vase, dim the lights, and throw your hands up. 
Wherever you are in life, think back or dream ahead to that perfect one bedroom; your first apartment, and your first place to call and make home… For me, I love distinct modern form when it comes to furniture, so I tend to trend towards a mid century style setting. I really love playing with textures and materials, so here you’ll see the natural deep walnut woods juxtapose with the sleek shine of the metallic suitcase side table, the vase, and bull figurine, while also tying in the footings of the couch and coffee table. As a New Yorker, I have always relied on serious pops of color in every room to help me get through the dark wintery months. I love Modani pillows, vases, and home accessories because they add a bold burst happiness and light while maintaining great quality and perfectly affordable prices. Nothing matches too perfectly in this room however, and that is why your eye remains intrigued, interested, and engaged with and within the room. As in fashion, so too in home fashioning, this is the true mark of sophistication: subtle surprise.
I encourage you to check out all that Modani Modern Furniture has to offer. It’s modern and contemporary, but can be made as minimal or as traditional in effect when placed and styled in a space. No matter what, Modani will bring that little piece of elegance to every room, making your living style seem effortlessly glamorous, and making you an oh-so-chic catch!
You can shop the entire room above on Modani.com !

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