Friday Skin Savior : First Aid Beauty

This is the time of year when holiday stresses, cocktail party dehydration, poor eating, and lack of humidity can wreak havoc on your skin. It’s important during this season to really take care of your skin before we hit winter and some serious damage can be done. That’s why I cleanse my skin twice daily with the amazing red clay skin calming line from First Aid Beauty. The deep cleansing gel face wash is formulated with red clay, rosemary, and botanical antioxidants that work together to deep clean and unclog pores, balance redness and calm completion, and further prevent excess sebum production which helps prevent breakouts. And with all the holiday makeup and dryness from heated offices, it is important to keep your oil production in check to prevent those pesky holiday pimples from showing up!
To remove my makeup in the evenings and further treat my skin gently but effectively, I use First Aid Beauty’s Blemish control pads that work wonders to further cleanse and minimize pores, while helping to brighten my complexion and correct an uneven skin texture.
I cannot say enough about this amazing line of products, including the incredible Purifying Mask. Please check out the full line available online at Sephora.
Have a wonderful weekend and, as always but especially when it comes to the skin, stay hydrated!

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