Gifts for Her : Her Holiday Essentials

While it’s always nice to search for unique holiday gifts to give that special lady on your list, there is nothing we love, appreciate, and actually need more than some tried and true holiday essentials. Here is my list of season after season tested must-haves that I rely on to get me over the holiday party circuit, through the family celebration circus, and to the final ball drop in sparkling swank Supper Model style…
The Formal Red Dress 
There is a perfect red for everyone, you just need to find it! A red dress is the ultimate mark of holiday confidence and is perfect for any work or weekend party, and looks great throughout the winter season. Red can always be worn to a winter wedding and a great red dress in a beautiful silhouette can live in your closet for year and years as long as you switch up accessories- try belting it once, adding a white fur stole, or even pairing it with a glittery short blazer for New Years Eve. Regardless the formal red dress is always a great investment.
Statement Pearls
When I pull out pearls on a shoot or for a client, they tend to get the old eye roll, but pearls these days are a lot less stale than you may think. Finding a statement pearl necklace, especially one that is faux, is so easy to do and something that will really elevate any neckline making even the oldest holiday ensemble look and feel entirely brand new. Try for oversized pearls close to collar bone for something fun and festive, or opt for draping a few strands to evoke a Wallis Simpson-esc elegance. 
The Nude Boot
Now this may surprise given December’s notorious wet and sloppy weather, but my collection of nude leather and suede boots get most of there wear and tear during these few weeks, and here’s why. Like most of us I am often coming straight from work or a business meeting when headed to these weekday cocktail parties and I just cannot get away with wearing my Louboutins all the way from lunchtime to drink time. I also hate carrying a spare pair of shoes if I can avoid it, as my handbag is already weighed down with the hostess gift and touch up make up, gloves, moisturizer, you name it. So the boot is amazing in that I can have my heal, keep my legs warm, and keep my feet happy too! But nude? Yes, because what you may not realize is the healed nude boot is incredibly flattering in that it adds length and the illusion of long bare legs to any figure. Ah-ha! Just stay away from puddles, and when in need, call an Uber darling.
Metallic Nails 
I love holiday nail art, but honestly no one can get a manicure everyday and although I love my classic holiday red nails, I think a metallic nail is so simply stunning and makes everyone’s fingers look longer and leaner and really highlight any rings or bracelets you may be accessorizing with. Choose a gold or silver depending on what you wear more but don’t be afraid to mix metallics if you want to try a gorgeous rose gold or deep gray. 
Sparkling Pointed-Toe Flats
Pointed-Toe fancy flats are a cornerstone in my wardrobe. They look fabulous with skinny jeans and leather pants, and perfect for a retro flirty look when paired with black cigarette pants, a black turtle neck and a high pony tail (think Audrey Hepburn or 1960s Barbie). I almost always pick pointed to flats because the elongate the foot and in turn are more forgiving on your ankle and leg, creating a longer line. You always need to break up the stiletto stampede with a good flat, and for a mid week office look choosing something with a bit a sparkle or texture lets these shoes take your straight from the board room to back room at your best friend’s holiday party.
Winter White Cocktail Dress
Got to have it in the arsenal. What can I say winter white is here to stay and my gosh I cannot go through a season without wearing out at least two winter white dresses. I like a more sexy silhouette when it comes to a white cocktail dress, and I almost always choose a tight fitting body-con shape with long sleeves. A great heel and earrings is all you need to make the winter white cocktail dress the perfect holiday date night ensemble. 
Emerald by the Ears
Green at the holidays comes in and out of favor. Some years it can be all about emerald and other years you hardly see it. But I love emerald stones and putting a great green up by your eyes always makes you look a little more well rested and bright eyed. A great green earring looks fabulous off of any hair color at the holidays and can give your outfit that hint of color and cheer without looking like a Christmas tree.
The Black Velvet Blazer 
The smoking jacket is probably the holiday essential of all time. And a black velvet blazer in the smoking jacket style is a timeless Christmas classic that you can buy once and have forever. It is a piece worth investing in as you will have this forever so look for great tailoring and quality. And as always make sure that it is tailored to perfection because a statement holiday blazer will only make a good a statement if it fits you well.
A Touch of Tartan
Check please! Picking the right piece of plaid to add to your holiday wardrobe is easiest when you stick to accessories. A great tartan scarf, gloves, belt, and even cape can really add depth to any outfit and jazz up your christmas casual wear just enough for those fun shopping trips or festive brunches. I even love to use this rule when accessorizing at home: a tartan mug, set of cocktail napkins, or fabulous plaid etched stemware can really set the holiday mood. A in this case, a little does go a long way.
Festive Leather Clutch
Since I spend the holidays in both Northern and Southern climates, I love having an evening purse than can do double duty. And a fun print, glitzy texture, and bold color are always the three components I look for when choosing a great holiday evening bag. If I am going to invest in an evening piece, I also want to be able to use it throughout the winter and early spring so try to find a fun shape or print that isn’t too limiting since evening bags are inherently pricey considering the amount of use they get.
The Bright Red Lip
If there is one time of year to pop that pout and try a red lip, it’s now! I love the wine shades this year, but if that is too adventurous for you, you can always opt for a red gloss that will add just enough color but keep lips hydrated and happy, most importantly looking mistletoe ready…
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