Truself Organics Detoxifying Mask

Today I’m taking you with me on a 10 minute trip to the spa with Truself Organics Detoxifying Mask!
When it comes to skin care there is truly nothing more important than treating your skin as well as you do you the rest of your body: we exercise to increase blood flow, rev our metabolisms, and keep weight down. We eat healthy, chia seeds to lower cholesterol, leafy greens to pump out bodies with energy producing fiber and nutrition, and hydrate to keep our muscles and organs working at their best. We do this all to stay fit and to feel more fabulous, and of course to defy age as much as possible. And then there is our face: the ultimate time calculator or the mirror for everything that is going on inside of us.

So when it comes to skin care we need to take that same Organic-Only, Whole Foods, Plant Based approach to keep our skin looking as youthful as our insides. 
That is why I love Truself Organics, the brand that promotes lovingly treating your skin from within, knowing that what “goes onto your body, goes into your body.” Truself Organic’s line of purely organic and effective artisan products work with your skin to treat, heal, and regenerate your skin. And it is there incredible Detoxifying Facial Mask that is changing the way I treat my face. It is like a juice cleanse for my skin that I can do in just 10 minutes, and emerge with tighter brighter and glowing skin. 
The mask contains no parabens, synthetic fragrances or artificial dyes but instead includes a blend of organic clays that work to naturally detoxify the skin by drawing out impurities and blemish causing bacteria. After this quick at home treatment, you’ll see skin with deeply cleansed and shrunken pores, a more even skin tone and a reduction in fine lines and scars. Try doing the mask 2 times a week for a month followed by a hydrating water based serum and moisturizer for amazing results. Get your glow back just in time for Spring, learn to #loveyourself and love the skin you have.

Happy Masking and thank you to Truself Organics for introducing me to the Loveyourself Lifestyle!

Purchase your Truself Organics Detoxifying Mask HERE

Photos by Alissa Dragun of South Moon Photography

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