You, A Spring Style It Girl? Affordable Editorial Fashion with the H&M Jumpsuit

Yes, the jumpsuit. You’ve seen it in every magazine, hanging every store, and styled on every It-Girl out there. The ever hot fashion item is now comes in every cut, color, and style for spring, and as you can see above it’s not just for evening anymore… Grrreat, your thinking right? Ok, granted this look is not an easy one to pull off, and, even worse, making it look super chic and glamorous (and not like you’re ready to paint your bedroom) looks like a nearly impossible feat.

Well, not so fast… here’s a little secret, it’s really TRULY not that hard, and not expensive to own this look.

Fact: the H&M jumpsuit styled and pictured above costs just $19.95. Yes, thats under $20 for fashion’s trendiest spring item. And, be honest, does it look like a cheap piece?

It doesn’t, does it? That’s because affordable fashion can be just as chic, stunning, and statement making as editorial fashion. But in order to have your style risk pay off successfully, you just need to follow a few rules that crack “the steal” styling code.

So how on earth can you make Affordable Fashion look like Editorial Fashion? Here are my 5 Fail-Proof Guidelines to creating an Affordable Editorial Look:

1. High Low
You’ve heard it time and time again in every fashion magazine for years, but it really is true that the secret to true consistent style is having a unique and healthy mix of high and low fashion in your wardrobe, and I would argue in almost every outfit you put on. It is really the most obtainable and sustainable way to ensure your daily ensemble is always “one of a kind.” So when you splurge on those gorgeous Louboutins, have fun mixing them with a great ready to wear skirt, or an inexpensive romper. Mixing a classic Chanel handbag with cheap denim cutoffs, and statement t shirt wreaks of style and confidence, and it really mixes up an otherwise expected look.

2. Color Choice
Think camels, black, grey, and whites. These are essential neutrals that will look crisp and luxe. If you are looking for a statement color item though, the key is to really hunt for the right color tone. Safe bets are richly hued jewel tones and bright pastels. For summer, remember that neons are so difficult to get right and almost can come off looking cheap, so try popping neon in accessories to avoid this pitfall, and READ THIS article before you attempt to purchase anything in a neon hue.

3. Heavy Weights
Choose materials that are more weighty: thicker and stronger when it comes to denim, a chunky and heavy knit when it comes to sweaters, and coats or blazers that are abundant in fabric, oversized or have longer hem lines. Nothing says “cheap” like a too short skirt or awkwardly cropped jacket. And with these materials feel free to pull back on excessive laundering. Use your dry cleaner when you need to, but in order to keep your clothing looking it’s best try avoiding the washer and dryer as much as possible. If you notice a smell, you can always stick the garment in the freezer overnight… and yes this crazy move really does get rid of the smell!

4. Shape and Structure
When it comes to accessories look for defined texture and shape. Choose structured purses with strong lines and shapes, or clutches with a pebbled faux leather look. Avoid shine, as it is very difficult to get right. Another trick to is to actually shop in menswear. I often times purchase the smallest size men’s sweaters during fall and spring and end up with the perfect slouchy sweater over skinny jeans and boots, or a perfect pastel to belt and drape over a pencil skirt or shorts in the spring/summer. Menswear also often times is constructed a bit better and so you’ll likely have a button down shirt or sweater in good shape for longer.

5. Trimmed Tucked and TAILORED
It is so important to have clothes that truly fit you, and that goes for any price point! A simple and inexpensive hem here or nip there can do wonders for any outfit and really make an inexpensive item look better than any pricier version. Find a good tailor close to home so that you can take whatever you buy directly to there before arriving home. Trust me after a long shopping session this is the last thing you may want to, but it insures that it gets done and you can wear your garment faster and more often because it fits like it was made for you.

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Photos by Alissa Dragun, South Moon Photography

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