Don’t Leave the House Before Reading This Festival Flash-Post

That’s right, it’s a Festival Beauty Bag Spill just in time for weekend one of Festival Season! What’s in my purse you ask? A very personal question, but because it’s also a very important one, I’m spilling my cross-body fringe bag guts direct from Tortuga Fest (follow me today and tomorrow on Instagram for an all access pass live from Florida’s ultimate country music festival)

Easy rule to follow: only the most important essentials to help you get through the day/day into night because you never know where this crazy festival road may take you.
Think travel sized, think light, think hands free. This way you can be free to dance, free to sing, free your mind… you know and the rest will follow…

And so the 10 Festival Essentials in my bag today
(you can shop all the items in SHOP THE POST bellow) 
1. Fringe Cross-Body Purse
Lightweight and small which helps me limit what I can bring and keep my load light easy and breezy. A cross-body strap also allows for constant hands free festival going which means, yep more time taking pics and video, and of course those selfies… 
2. SPF, Shades, Sun Protecting Hat
Need I say more? Keep reapplying lightweight sun protection, I like a cover-up based tinted moisturizer with SPF, try one that offers full coverage but that doesn’t feel too heavy or cake like. You can find my favorites in “Shop the Post” bellow. Sunnies protect your eyes along with that delicate skin beneath your eyes. And a hat is the must-have festival accessory of the year. Don’t ask, just do.
3. Flash Tattoos
My friends and I love playing around with temporary tattoos, like the ones from Flash Tattoos, on the ride to the stage and mixing and matching our body jewelry with one another. It is a great activity when the ride gets long or traffic hits, and all you need is a wet paper towel or cloth to apply.
4. Make Up Setting Spray and Moisturizing Mist 
Keep it all in place, in the first place, and then provide your skin with a refresher! A two in one, I love the makeup setting spray from Urban Decay because it really works at waterproofing your makeup and making sure you don’t suffer from creases or running. Find in “Shop the Post”, bellow.
5. Pigment Pens
These are great for creative face painting (another car time-killer), eyeliner, and a touch up on your eye lid when day turns to night and you need a little more shadow coverage. I love the pigment pens from Ellis Faab, which you can discover in “Shop the Post” bellow.
6. Travel Sized Dry Shampoo
Essential to anyone with any length or style hair. Greasy hair just doesn’t feel good, and looks even worse. Try the one from Drybar Products, in “Shop the Post” bellow.
7. Bikini Top
Because it gets super hot dancing around in the sun with tons of people, and you might want an easy quick change without having to go to the bathroom for an outfit switch. Why not bring the full bikini if you have room.

8. Hair Ties
It gets hot, you get sweaty, always bring one to pull up your hair into a top knot to avoid creasing when you want to let your hair back down in the cooler evening. Or try my 15 second Festival Hair Hack here.
9. Carry Cash
Making sure you have cash on hand is essential. It’s a safe and easy way to navigate traveling too and from the festival and also insuring you can buy what you need when you want to and not have to stand in long ATM lines…serious buzz kill.
10. Sustenance
Carrying a Protein bar or snack pack around with you is so vital just in case you get hit with an unexpected long walk or especially if you have food allergies or are prone to low blood sugar. Remember you will get hot, sweat, and dehydrate so try to plan for it. I love these Chia Bars from Health Warrior.


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