Fringe Benefits: What Sexy/Smart/Savvy People Know About Wearing Fringe

Fringe. It’s THE undoubted trend of the moment. Fringe bags, shoes, jackets, skirts, tops, name me a fashion item that hasn’t been frayed and feathered with fringe this season! I must admit that I love everything about the return of this trend and adore the texture and intrigue a tassel can add to any outfit. But even too much of a good thing is, well, too much. 
So what do sexy/smart/savvy fashion people know about wearing fringe? I’ll tell you:
When testing out fringe this spring and summer, limit yourself to a maximum of 2 fringed elements per look. Make sure that there is also distance between the 2 fringe items- I have yet to see anyone pull off a fringe skirt and fringe shoes successfully as it is too bottom heavy, drawing your eye and focus downward, away from face and towards your feet. You do NOT want this.
Test out what your body type allows. If you opt for a match fringe top and skirt, make sure that everything else is excessively minimal and quiet to avoid looking like you stepped out in a Halloween costume. But don’t be afraid to mix tones and textures as well as widths and lengths when it comes to fringe accessories- the less matchy matchy the better. Remember that you want to aim for “unexpected” rather than “over the top” as a singe fringe item itself makes enough of a statement. (I mean these Schutz Fringe Sandals!!! Just stick em on with shorts and white T and you’ll be the hottest thing in a 20 mile radius)
Also consider proportions: fringe can be really effective in elongated your over all look, but not if the fringe is too long or heavy for your frame. When shopping in a store try taking a quick selfie in the mirror to see how your fringe item really translates, and do the same right after you buy a piece online and it arrives to your home to ensure that you don’t look like a clydesdale, ie weighed down by your strands. 
Remember that fringe also adds movement and playfulness to an outfit. This is an element that most of us don’t really think about, unless you are being photographed all the time. The movement of a fringed pieces is a lot like long strands of shiny hair: undeniably and timelessly sexy, so if you are going to pull off a fringe look successfully you need to love it, own it, and move it in with supreme confidence. I hope this post inspires you to try wearing a little fringe tonight. 
Because nothing says Thursday date night quite a set of strong stems and long strands!

Outfit Details:
“Kija” Suede Fringe Lace Up Heels, Schutz Shoes // Fringe Cross Body Purse, Zara // Black Lace Crop Top, H&M // Destroyed Denim Lace Hem Shortie, American Eagle Outfitters // Retro Shades, ASOS // Belt, Vintage from a trip to Ibiza-tip: always shop when you travel
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