Social House: Stylish Sips, Snacks & Sights with Firmoo Optical

It’s always a treat to feature places, spaces, and now spectacles, I absolutely treasure here on the blog. To celebrate the grand opening of Social House, Lake Worth’s stylish new studio/work/meet/sip space, I’ve teamed up with Firmoo, the fabulously frugal and fashionable online optical store, to bring you an up close, detailed, and delicious look at what happens when funky artisans and small business babes are encouraged to “meet, create, and celebrate.”
First things first, an admission: I’m blind as a bat. Without contacts or frames, I can barely get out of bed in the morning let alone do the close up work I do day in and day out on my laptop and iphone. But when it comes to a rather complicated prescription and the need for multiple sets of glasses for up close computer work, driving, and life in general, my eyes have become a very expensive attribute to accessorize. That is, until I discovered Firmoo, the world’s most popular and easy to use online optical store. With amazing styles of frames for incredibly affordable prices I can have a few sets of high quality glasses for all my vision needs, and not worry about the high cost. Firmoo also offers this great “Virtual Look Viewer” where you can easily upload a picture of yourself and try on all their styles to find the perfect fit for your face. It’s genius, really, so user friendly, fashion forward (as you can see above) and wonderfully fast. I encourage you to check them out online here.

And what goes better with a pair of sophisticated specs than a stylish sunny space, a caffeinated sip, and a sweet snack? Social House in Lake Worth would say absolutely nothing, well maybe other than a glass of wine or craft cider, which of course they have conveniently on tap. And a sweet treat from the master organic confectioner Earth and Sugar, who created the beautiful spring blossoms cake and delicious chocolate and lavender macarons you see pictured above. Social House, and it’s “cafe for creatives” is an inspiring place to visit, work, and network. You have everything you need to work or socialize, or work and socialize, right at your fingertips, by your side and wherever you sit. Outlets and hooks are masterfully placed in all the right spots in this comfy contemporary crafted space. Even though Social House is unique to my island surroundings, it is certainly a part of what I hope will be a growing trend of multi-use spaces for creatives and entrepreneurs. Do some digging in your area as working and networking these days go hand in hand.

I cannot wait to attend Social House‘s opening party tonight and celebrate the creative minds behind this fabulously fashionable, functional, and fun venue. TGIF because tonight’s gonna be a blast- I hope you’ll follow me on Instagram @thesuppermodel for live shots from the party as well as on Social House’s Instagram!

Many thanks to Social House for lending us their space pre-opening for this special shoot, and to the wonderful Chelsae Anne Photography for the beautiful shots.
Outfit Details:
Brown & Lavender Eye glasses #F039, Firmoo
Cream and White Midi Skirt, Torn by Ronny Kobo via Marshalls // White Sleeveless Turtle neck, Michael Stars via Marshalls // Blush Pumps, Jessica Simpson via Marshalls

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