How to Transition Your Summer LWD for Fall

Greetings from Maine, where the faint scent of fall is already in air! I’m loving the absence of humidity here, allowing us to enjoy the long late summer sunny days. Evening temperatures drop dramatically, setting the perfect scene for a pairing of red wine & roaring fires. It’s the ideal vacation weather for someone like me who has spent the better part of the year in the tropical Floridian climate, but it’s also the best way to transition into my favorite fashion season, the fall.
Every year around this time I spend endless amounts of time staring at my closet in the mornings with digust: seeing my emerging fall wardrobe off to the side waiting to be worn, while I reluctantly put on my summer uniform, yet again. And so the Maine temperatures are definitely curing my late summer style funk. I have been happily layering and accessorizing some of my favorite summer pieces, giving them a makeover by adding fall toned jackets and sweaters, and playing around with suede other soft textures. 
The ultimate summer wardrobe staple is for sure the Little White Dress (something I never travel without during these months) and I love working it into my September styles when the days are still warm and my tan is still hanging around. I love this dress you see above from Urban Outfitters for transitioning to fall for two key reasons: it’s more off white than white and it’s beautiful lace patterned details. Creams, ivories, and off whites tend to look best when paired with warm fall colors, such as the olives, yellows, browns, and reds. It is also more forgiving on tan-fading skin versus the cool bright white shifts we so love on bright sunny summer days. The lace detailing also feels very luxurious and feminine, creating a softer silhouette that plays well with the utilitarian jacket cut, the duster drape coat, or event the belted structured trench style jacket.

Shop my favorite fall jackets HERE:

Yellow Jacket, Gorsuch, similar & similar
Dalton Booties, Joie
Shades, Forever 21

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