Poncho Please Me: Late Night Steal with Nordstrom

ponchos under $50 poncho

Wednesday nights are rather sacred in my house. To get over the hump and avoid a mid week exhaustion melt down, I’ll cook a meal that requires a little extra effort, creativity and time, because believe it or not this does relax me. Afterwards I’ll take that sense of accomplishment, along with a sizable glass of red wine, Olivia Pope style, with me to the comfy seat at my computer, and shop!

Evening shopping at home is probably my favorite modern luxury. When I was in college in NYC, I always remember being the last one let out of Bloomingdales around 915pm on Wednesdays. After the doors had locked and the store was closing was always my favorite time to shop: quiet and empty, and with a real sense of immediacy in the air- you just had to make a decision and quick. Night shopping is a lot like getting dressed for a big night out actually: think about it, the adrenaline to find and choose the right thing, only in the biggest and best closet of your dreams. Well, that was at least until online shopping came along and took off. I still shop after close of business, just now from the comfort of my favorite reading chair and without any store guard or shop assistant hurrying me to log out and leave…

And so for this premiere addition of #WhatI’mCravingWednesday, I’m sharing my latest 
Affordable Editorial Poncho finds from Nordstrom 
(all of which are UNDER $50)

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There’s a slight chill in the air this week, and it’s time to take layering seriously. Seriously! This fall is all, and I do mean ALL, about the poncho, a trend that is oh so comfy and cool, and one that helps you easily tie together any look instantly. And the best part? You don’t have to spend a fortune to do so. And with Nordstrom’s 40% off new markdowns that hit today, I’m sure you can now snag two for virtually the price of one! Because night shopping, like night swimming… is always a girl’s good idea.

Shop All of Nordstrom’s best Under $50 Ponchos here:
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