Why Blue is the New Black with Tory Burch

The Supper Model Tory Burch Fall 2015 Navy
The Supper Model Tory Burch Fall 2015 Navy
The Supper Model Tory Burch Fall 2015 Navy
The Supper Model Tory Burch Fall 2015 Navy
The Supper Model Tory Burch Fall 2015 Navy fur shoulder bag

The Supper Model Tory Burch Fall 2015 head scarf

The Supper Model Tory Burch Fall 2015 Navy print dress
The Supper Model Tory Burch for Fitbit grey metallic bracelet
The Supper Model Tory Burch Fall 2015 Navy Fur Coat

The Supper Model Tory Burch Fall 2015 Navy Print Dress

This fall, fashion has undeniably turned it’s head towards the late sixties/early seventies and with an affirming nod produced some of the most brilliantly elegant bohemian inspired pieces. No collection or designer has successfully translated this retro-redo better than Tory Burch. The fall 2015 collection from Tory Burch captures seventies bohemia with a wonderfully modern eye.  It’s a Marrakesh dream meets Mayfair reality: the sounds of a still swinging London in 1970 ring out from the rich textures and color palette. When visiting the jewel box that is the Palm Beach Tory Burch store, I was immediately over come by the unique prints that define this incredibly mature collection. I whipped out my phone and turned to Pinterest where I had saved my best of the Fall 2015 runway shows from that oh so frigid NYFW this past February, and confirmed that this was indeed the collection I was most impressed by and had been lusting over for months.

Luxurious layering, free-spirited feminine silhouettes, an army of shoe-crush boots, and a color palette so rich in my favorite tones: oxblood burgundy, deep navy, camel and cream, and grey on grey are all cut with subtly unexpected shades of royal purple & Malibu blue to name a few. It’s a masterpiece collection, so I hope you’ll visit ToryBurch.com to see the extent of what I’m talking about.

But what is probably the most genius part of this sophisticated collection is that there is hardly a touch of black! It’s truly took me several weeks of popping in and out of their stores on Madison and Worth Avenues to realize that my normal clothing lust-list was shocking void of anything black. What is was littered with instead was deep blues: predominately navy with touches of paris and periwinkle. And it makes sense, after all I live in black and have for many years, but navy is such a wonderfully enhancing color for all skin types and hair colors. It’s also unexpected, more rare, and seemingly harder to find. Blues are also scientifically calming to the eye and elicit and pleasing reaction when people see it. And this really has been studied for years, believe me I am not making this up just because I’m wearing it. 

This fall I’m loving deep blue boots, totally obsessed with these ones you see above, and navy jackets. With a military style pea coat and the ultra feminine cropped fur jacket above you’ll be set for span of your fall activities and events. Pair these deeper toned accessories and rich fabrics with something that brings in light, even white, like with this statement dress: the print is timeless and the fabric is a dream as it is virtually impossible to wrinkle and therefore perfect as a work dress to wear all day sitting, standing, and while in transit. Ideal for packing as well. Top it off with a navy print scarf either tied in your hair as a thick 60s inspired headband, or wrapped rather tightly around your neck meeting in the front with a tiny knot to take the place of a turtle neck or necklace. Change up the look with injections of silver. Silver accessories and light grey shades always compliment navy, and I love that Tory has made it super chic and discreet for me to wear my Fitbit around without anyone noticing! I bet you had no idea that I’m wearing it in this shoot right? Have you checked out the incredible Tory Burch for  Fitbit bracelet line she has created? I’m addicted and grateful that I can graduate from my summer rubber version to a more elegant alternative…

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Many thanks to Tory Burch Palm Beach for inviting me to style the fall collection

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