Halloween at Home: My Sparkling Cider Bishop Recipe

Happy Halloween! I’m so excited to be launching a new section of the blog today called 5 Ingredient Fridays. Every Friday you’ll find a fast and fabulous recipe here on the blog that you can easily make over your weekend or whenever. And today we’re kicking it off with a recipe perfect for a crowd of young and old, sweet and scary, trickers and treaters a like. This Halloween I’m spending time at home recovering from minor back surgery: seems I’ve had enough scary moments and ghoulish delights for one month! Having time to cozy up with my dogs Lady Bird and Dutch, light a fire, and decorate the house with a touch of fresh flowers, pumpkins & gourds makes recovering under house arrest a little bit easier, and definitely a whole lot sweater. To make my convalescing feel more festive, I’ve made my ~Fall Sparkling Cider Bishop~ that tastes very adult, but is also suitable to everyone since I make it with Martinelli’s non-alcoholic Sparkling Cider. Of course you can easily make a “grown-ups only” version using a sweet sparkling wine, but on family holidays I like to have something that everyone can share in and enjoy together. Not that I don’t leave a bottle of Bourbon out for adults to top off with…
Time to cuddle up by the fireplace and start watching some of my favorite classic 40s films… and maybe the modern classic that is Hocus Pocus… it’s my favorite. Wishing you all a spooky and safe Halloween!

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Sparkling Cider Bishop
1 750ml bottle Martinelli’s sparkling cider
1 bottle pear juice
1 orange
My Fall 5 Spice Blend*: Cinnamon Sticks (2), Grated Fresh Nutmeg (1/2tsp), 
Crystalized Ginger (4 pieces), Crushed Star Anise (3), Whole Cloves (1tsp)
Juice of 1 lemon
Over medium heat, fill a small sauce pot on the stove with the sparkling cider, pear juice, and the juice of 1 lemon. Slice the orange in half, leave 1 half to the side and thinly slice the other half. Place orange slices to the side, and pierce the other half of the orange with the cloves. Add the clove-orange  half to the liquid along with the remaining 4 spices. Bring the liquid to a simmer, and then reduce the heat to medium low to let the liquid slowly reduce a bit and the flavors blend (about 15 minutes). When the room starts to smell wonderfully fragrant, remove the orange half with an oven mitt and gently squeeze all the juice out and into the sauce pot. Discard the orange peel. 

You can now strain the cider to remove all the spices, and then add the orange slices to the liquid or choose to simply carefully ladle the liquid, avoiding the spice pieces, into mugs or heat proof glasses and garnish with an orange slice.

Shop how I served, sipped, and styled the post:

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