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The 3 “S”‘s of my summer: Stripes, Swimsuits, & Statement earrings. Ok, and maybe short shortsand sandals… sunglasses… ooo sunsets & sangria too!

Whatever puts the “s” in your summer style, I guarantee you’ve been playing with one or more of these fabulous fashion trends this season. And if you haven’t tested the water yet, don’t worry! There’s still plenty of time to get in on the fun.

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Here’s how to you can savor the last bits of summer style as we head towards the Labor Day weekend, without Fear Of Missing Out on summer’s most fun fashions…


The prevailing trend this summer no doubt! In any way, any form, and every color: adding a striped anything to your look makes it instantly chic. Of course the tradition Breton stripe: the blue and white pattern, remains eternally chic, but I personally have been on a red and white stripe binge this season. A classic linen blouse, the most perfect suit you see above (only $55 btw), red and white striped shirt dresses, off the shoulder tops, and wide leg trousers. I’ve even started to mix stripes with stripes lately in effort to take the ever classic look out for a spin.


It’s undoubtedly all about the one piece these days and this is trend that is fully here to stay looking ahead to resort. When it comes to a great one piece I like to look for a silhouette that has one sexy element. A plunging neckline, a high cut bikini line, an open back, or delicate cutouts. A bright and bold color, metallic, or pattern can also help you achieve the single sexy element. I can’t stress one thing enough though: when it comes finding that one piece with a sexiest element, it’s so important to choose a suit that has just ONE sexy characteristic. That way your one piece remains intriguing and eye catching, but still classic and therefore will be able to come out again when resort time rolls around.


Are your ears ringing yet? Are they hurting? Ever since Rebecca de Ravenel visited Palm Beach this winter to showcase her gorgeous drop “bon bon” earrings I can’t stop collecting bigger brighter more statement-making earrings to accessorize any look. I adore Athropologie’s selection of earrings right now as they are well made and an amazing price point. I have bought so many online, but find that these summer red beaded earrings are the MVP in my rotation. They are under $60 and come in a few colors too.

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