Whether spread on the skin, stacked in a stiletto, sipped in a stem glass, or seen from a soaring seafront skyscraper, pleasure in life is ALL about taste.

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Here you’ll find my unique sampling of timeless tips and tricks sourced from around the world, styled and shaped between the sands of Palm Beach and the sidewalks of Manhattan.

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Darcy Fogg is a modern “lifestylist.” As a digital influencer, Darcy is a model, journalist, editor, and all around tastemaker, redefining what it means to do and see it all.
Darcy holds a BA in Art History from Columbia University where she studied Art and Journalism, and is also a trained chef, having studied at London’s Le Cordon Bleu where she received degrees in both cuisine and pastry. She has worked in cable journalism, event & wedding planning, and for her own catering firm. Now Darcy is a freelance writer and model as well as a contributing member of the Lifestyle Collective council of fashion and beauty bloggers, and of course Editor of Fogg of Fashion.

Ever the gypset, Darcy currently island hops, living between Manhattan &
Palm Beach with her husband and twin corgis. Her current closet is packed
full of designer wedges, a collection of Wusthof knives, and a heavily annotated world map…